Track Requests System

This page contains useful information about the track requests feature and how to utilize it correctly.

What does the track requests system do?

It allows members to use the request command, which works similarly to the play command. DJs are able to accept or deny requests. Regular users will not be able to use any other music managing command.

This system is completely optional! Only implement it if you want it.

How does this work?

Firstly, you have to set the requests channel. The request command will not function without it! You can only have one requests channel at a time. To add a requests channel, just run the following:

settings requests [#channel/channel ID]

When a requests channel is set, regular members will not be able to use any music managing commands (join, leave, play, skip, etc.).

Now, members will be able to use the request command. When they use it, a message embed with information is sent to the requests channel. It contains the track name, link, author, duration, requester, and the current voice channel.

Make sure StormBeatz has the USE_EXTERNAL_EMOJIS permissions in the channel!

DJs and server admins are able to accept or deny requests by clicking the respective buttons. If a request is accepted, the embed color will turn green and StormBeatz will add the track to the queue. If a request is denied, the embed color will turn red and StormBeatz will not add the track. After a request is reviewed, StormBeatz removes the buttons.

Make sure StormBeatz has the MANAGE_MESSAGES permission in the channel!

How can I restrict the request command to specific members?

The request command can only be accessed by members with a music role. If there is no music role, all members will be able to access it.

How can I disable/remove the requests system?

To remove the requests system in your server, simply run the settings requests [#channel/channel ID] command again. Make sure to mention the same channel it's currently set to.

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