Soundboard System

This page contains information on our soundboard functionality.

What is the Soundboard system for?

The Soundboard allows for the storage and eventual playing of different sounds, allowing for the endless trolling of your server members.

How can I create a sound?

To create a sound, run the soundboard command with your first argument as "create":

soundboard create

Next, pick a name for your sound and find the link that directs towards that sound. It can be any link that is supported by the bot's regular music player. We recommend using an audio file link!

soundboard create [name] [link]

StormBeatz will verify the sound before storing it. If you get an error returned, simply try to find another link, as that means our internal system does not recognize the link.

How do I play a sound?

Once you have stored a sound, use soundboard list to list your sounds. From here, you can queue sounds using one of two ways: either by running this command:

soundboard play [name]

Or another way is to use our brand-new buttons system to load a track. To utilize this, simply hop in a voice channel and click the button that corresponds with the sound name you selected.

While attempting to queue a track using buttons, the embed message with the buttons may disappear after 30 seconds. Try again if this happens!

How do I delete a sound?

To delete a sound, run the command soundboard delete [name].

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