Player Control System

This page contains useful information about the player control channel system!

What does the Player Control system do?

It allows members to go to a specific channel that the server has set and play tracks from there by simply sending the track name, link, file, etc. The channel is kept clean and all messages are deleted!

This system is completely optional! Only implement it if you want it.

How does this work?

Firstly, you have to set the player control channel. You can only have one player control channel at a time. To add a player control channel, just run the following:

settings control [#channel/channel ID]

What's unique about our Player Control system?

Our player control embed is very unique with many buttons, select menus, and a cool system overall. Once a track is queued through the player control channel, you can use the buttons to backtrack, pause/unpause, skip, get lyrics, view queue, change sound effects, and more!

What does it look like?

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