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Information on StormBeatz updates and changes will be logged here.

StormBeatz V6.0.0

New Features
+ WEB PLAYER! Easily manage the StormBeatz music player live right from the web, with full-fledged player controls, time-synced lyrics (premium servers), logs, and more! (
+ LAST.FM INTEGRATION! Enjoy detailed activity statistics, highlights, listening history, recommendations, and more by connecting your account to StormBeatz! Click here to learn more.
+ SPEED SOUND EFFECT RATES! Make the audio faster, slower, or set a custom speed!
+ MIX SOUND EFFECTS! Goof around by mixing up to 3 sound effects together with the mix command (premium feature)!
+ SKIP VOTES SETTING! Configure the amount of votes required for the skip command!
+ PREMIUM REDUCED COOLDOWN! Premium users get shorter command cooldowns!
  • Playlist commands now have add and remove subcommands to add/remove single tracks without editing the whole playlist!
  • If you have the announce setting enabled, song announcements are now sent to the voice channel's text chat!
  • The filter words setting has been changed to Block Explicit Tracks, which will block songs flagged as explicit by our providers!
  • The savedqueues command has been renamed to serverplaylist
  • Slash command improvements
  • Bug fixes & minor enhancements

StormBeatz V5.2.0

  • Echo command! By enabling this sound effect, the bot will apply an echo effect to any music you play. We can guarantee this one will impress your friends.
  • Dashboard!
  • Internal fixes

StormBeatz V5.1.0

+ TIKTOK SUPPORT! Yeah, you can now plug your TikTok videos in voice chats!
+ YOUTUBE PREMIERES/TRAILERS SUPPORT! And also Mixcloud, but who even uses that, right?!
+ TEXT-TO-SPEECH SUPPORT! Troll your friends in VC by using the new speak command to make the bot say whatever you want!
+ NEW COMMANDS!: spotify, apple, tidal, deezer, spotifysearch, applesearch, tidalsearch, deezersearch, speak
+ CUSTOM STORMBEATZ BOT! We silently released this premium tier on our website recently. For $22/mo, you can personalize StormBeatz for your server even more by getting your OWN bot, complete with your choice of username, profile picture, and embed color!
+ Fixed an issue with Spotify playlists not loading + Improved lyrics functionality + Fixed an issue causing nonexistent players (hopefully) + Improved audio player to reduce amount of errors while playing + Fixed an issue with rejoining + Fixed an issue with the forward slash command + Improved a few responses and styling + Other internal fixes

StormBeatz V5.0.0 🚀

Bug Fixes
Major New Features Buttons! Instead of old and bland reactions, we now use buttons for most things! These are better in terms of visuals and give a better user experience. Example:
Context Menus! Ever want to add tracks to the queue or search for lyrics without the need of typing in with a command? With these context menus, all you need to do is right-click the mesage, click Apps, and click on the button you want!
Player Control Channel System!
Allows members to go to a specific channel that the server has set and play tracks from there by simply sending the track name, link, file, etc. The channel is kept clean and all messages are deleted!
Dropdown Menus! We now utilize dropdown menus in commands like ;search, allowing you to choose from the top 10 songs. Try it out for yourself to see! Example:
Autoplay! Something we've been trying to figure out and work on for a very long time! Premium servers have the option to enable this setting which will continue to queue similar songs of the same type/genre/artist, even after the queue has ended. This way, you don't have to search for more similar songs yourself! Personalized!
You can now enjoy a personalized experience with StormBeatz, tailored entirely to YOU! Get your top songs, artists, genres, and Premium users can even get a song recommendations playlist based on their music taste! Soundboard System! You can now play saved files/links using the ;soundboard command. Great to troll your friends with hilarious sounds. Regular servers may save up to 5 sounds, premium servers may have up to 20.
Autopause Setting! The bot will automatically pause if all listeners leave, and automatically resume when a listener joins!
Voice Channels Setting! Restrict StormBeatz to specific voice channels!
Rejoin Command!
The bot will rejoin the voice channel without deleting the queue!
Queue History! View previously queued tracks with the ;queue history command! Autocomplete! Slash commands like play will automatically give you search suggetions as you type!
Command Additions/Changes! Some commands have gotten some slight additions or improvements. For example, the ;back command now accepts an optional argument for how many songs to go back by. You can also use the command even when nothing is playing now. Slash Commands Revamp! No more subcommands integrated into messy slash commands! All of our bot commands are now synced with our slash commands, so for example, ;forceskip and /forceskip are both valid now, rather than ;forceskip and /skip force like you would usually need to do. Not only does this give more consistency in general, but also gives our users a more friendly user-friendly experience and reduces confusion. Instantaneous Track & Playlist Load Time! We know that the load time for tracks in v4 and previous versions were very slow and inconvenient especially for large playlists. Say goodbye to that hassle now because the bot can now load hundreds of tracks in a playlist instantly now! Announce Songs Setting! Instead of choosing specific channel(s) for the bot to announce whenever a new song gets played, it will now send it directly to the channel the command was used in. Queue size limit increased!
10000 tracks for premium servers and 1000 tracks for regular servers!
Bug fixes include the volume not saving properly when the bot plays a new track, some commands returning errors, slash commands not working randomly, the music player returning 403, 503, age-restricted errors, etc. have now been fixed. No more annoying and pesky bugs!

StormBeatz V4.5.0

  • SLASH COMMANDS SUPPORT! Just type / and click the StormBeatz icon for the list of commands with descriptions and options!
  • NEW SUPPORTED MUSIC PLATFORMS!: Apple Music, TIDAL, iHeartRadio live stations, Deezer, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Twitch streams, MP3/MP4 links. View the full list of supported music platforms here.
  • STAGE CHANNELS SUPPORT! Just invite StormBeatz to speak after it joins and it'll be ready to play!
  • TRACK REQUESTS SYSTEM! Feel like members should be able to make music requests, but DJs need to review them first? No problem, we've got you covered! Read details here.
  • SAVED QUEUES FUNCTIONALITY! You can now save the current queue to load and play later! Premium servers can save up to 10, and non-Premium servers can save 1.
  • IGNOREDEAFENED SETTING! If enabled, StormBeatz will ignore commands that modify the player from members who are deafened!
  • DJLIVESTREAMS SETTING! If enabled, only DJs will be able to add livestreams to the queue!
  • cleaninactive DJ command to clear tracks queued by users who left the VC!
  • drunk sound effect -- perfect for trolling or having a good laugh!
  • leftear, rightear sound effect -- play audio on only the left or right side of your headphones!
  • CUSTOM EMOJI REACTIONS! Say goodbye to icky default reactions, and hello to our very own aesthetical ones :)
  • DISCORD INLINE REPLIES! Error messages now use Discord's reply feature!
  • MANY VISUAL ENHANCEMENTS! We've made many minor but epic visual changes - too many to list!
  • underwater sound effect was enhanced!
  • Spotify playlist tracks now load in order, and the first track plays INSTANTLY so you don't have to wait!

StormBeatz V4.1.0-alpha

Published: Apr. 8, 2021
  • Added the distortion sound effect
  • Added thumbnails for SoundCloud tracks
  • Unavailable Spotify tracks in playlists no longer cause errors and are correctly handled
  • The explicit songs filter was made more accurate
  • Seek command response is correctly parsed
  • Other bug fixes

StormBeatz V4.0.0-alpha

Published: Mar. 30, 2021
  • Added an inactivity self-destruct system; bot will automatically leave the VC if:
    • No users are in the VC
    • Loop is enabled for an extended period of time
    • Queue is empty for 5+ minutes
  • Added a 24/7 Mode setting for Premium servers
    • Immune to inactivity self-destruct system
    • Bot will stay in VC until disconnected
  • Added an Audit Logs setting for Premium servers
    • Logs every music/DJ action(s) a member executes
    • Example:
  • Internal revamp and optimization of the Premium system
  • Fixed many code style discrepancies
  • Removed autoleave setting

StormBeatz V3.6.0

Published: Mar. 9, 2021
  • Added playtop command
    • Plays the song at the top of the queue
  • Fixed an issue with YouTube playlists
  • Other bug fixes

StormBeatz V3.5.0

Published: Feb. 28, 2021
  • Added a few new sound effects
  • Added soundcloud and scsearch commands which fetch songs directly from SoundCloud
  • Added video thumbnails
  • Improved some sound effects
  • Moving the bot to another VC will keep audio playing, instead of stopping the music

StormBeatz V3.4.0

Published: Feb. 8, 2021
  • (Re)added the the 8d sound effect
  • Maximum songs per queue
    • Non-Premium servers: 100
    • Premium servers: 500
  • Maximum duration per song
    • Non-Premium servers: 2 hours
    • Premium servers: 15 hours
  • Fixed an issue with Premium perks not being recognized
  • Handled queue embed to make sure it doesn't surpass character limit
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

StormBeatz V3.3.0

Published: Jan. 22, 2021
  • Added fix command.
    • fix voice to change server voice region
    • fix --force to destroy the player
  • Added reset effects command which gets rid of whatever sound effect enabled, if any
  • minor changes & fixes

StormBeatz V3.2.0

Published: Jan. 15, 2021
  • Added highlighting to the song duration bar
  • minor fixes

StormBeatz V3.1.0

Published: Jan. 11, 2021
  • Added duration of queue to the queue embed
  • Added "playing since" to the queue embed

StormBeatz V3.0.0

Published: Jan. 10, 2021
Additions, Improvements, Changes
  • LAVALINK!! Our entire code has been rewritten, and we are now using Lavalink for more stability and better quality in the long run.
  • Sound effects and seeking are now INSTANTLY applied (under 1 second)
  • Playlists now load MUCH FASTER and WITHOUT LAG
  • Volume and sound effects will now save until you change it unless the bot finishes the queue.
  • Now Playing embed has been improved.
  • Current duration of audio is more accurate.
  • Sound effects are vote-locked for performance reasons, but you don't need to pay!
  • New sound effect commands (VERY COOL ONES): demon, devil, goofyhelium, heliumbuzz, heartbeat
  • AND MUCH MORE!! Just check it out yourself! :D

StormBeatz V2.7.0

Published: Nov. 30, 2020
  • New music command: radio
  • Changed up seek, forward, rewind and the rest of the Sound Effect commands/system a little. Instead of it stopping for a second, and then applying the filter, it will now wait 2 seconds and then instantly apply the change without stopping. This way is considered more preferred by people and is more convenient.

StormBeatz V2.6.0

Published: Nov. 30, 2020
  • New DJ commands: forward, rewind

StormBeatz V2.5.0

Published: Nov. 29, 2020
  • New Sound Effects
    drunk, invert, crusher, compressor, pulsator, bandpass, bandreject
  • Improved some embed responses
  • Sound effects now save after using the seek command

StormBeatz V2.0.0

Published: Nov. 25, 2020
  • Sound Effect Commands
    8bit bass echo nightcore phaser pitch pop speed static treble vaporwave
  • New DJ command: seek