Frequently Asked Questions

This page consists of some commonly asked questions.

The player lags, speeds up/slows down randomly, or cracks up?

There’s unfortunately really nothing we can do about it since it isn’t a problem with the bot or the code. Voice connections have different strengths based on multiple factors, and that’s just the way it is.

Here are some possible causes and solutions: 1. VPN. If you have a VPN enabled, you should disable it since the voice quality and connection are likely to be poor over VPN. 2. Your internet. If your internet connection is poor, then you may have issues with voice connectivity and the player might lag. 3. If all else fails, check your voice region by going to the voice channel's settings. Try setting it to either US East, US South, or US Central.

Why is the bot deafened?

Storm Developmentz highly values the privacy of all users, and as such, the bot remains deafened while in a voice channel at all times. This also improves bot performance and audio quality to a certain extent.

How can I make StormBeatz play from specific voice channels?

Run ;settings voicechannel [#channel/channel ID] To remove the voice channel just run the command again. Note: Administrators can bypass this setting. The maximum amount of channels you can do is 10.

Who is behind the team?

StormBeatz is a bot made by Storm Developmentz, an organization of people that are experienced and dedicated to developing and maintaining advanced, efficient, customizable, and reliable bots! Our team consists of multiple members within various internal departments.

Developers: DaStormer#7986 Muh#1657 TotallyNotNero#0420 MyUsernamesThis#0001 Designer: Prosome#1000 Contributors: Veld#0001

What music platforms does StormBeatz support?

StormBeatz supports many different sources that you can play from (10+ sources).

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