This page contains useful information about our personalized system and how to utilize it correctly.
The personalized requires us to collect some of your music data, such as when you queue songs in order for the personalized system to work in your favour.
If you would like your music data not to be collected, you may opt-out of it. We understand not everyone may not feel comfortable with data being collected which is why you can do this at your discretion. You can opt-out by running the following command: ;personaldata off
By opting out using the personaldata command, the personalized feature will not be available to you anymore until you opt back in.

What does this system do?

Through our personalized system, you can view your top songs, artist, genres, and even get an automatically generated recommendations playlist, all based on your music taste! If you are a new StormBeatz user, this system will not work right out of the bot as you'll need to use the bot and queue some music bot a little while before we can generate something based on your music taste.
At least 20 plays are required before you can view your top statistics.

What does it look like?